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This event in Viking will have a part committed to cooperative local business and there will be a presentation describing THE Meats brand and the proposed new model of the local meat value chain. Register, if you are interested. 

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This blog introduces a new business model for a local meat value chain with some unique features.  It will operate under THE Meats brand where THE stands for Tasty, Healthy and Ethical.

The purpose of this blog is to make available all the information that has been developed available and to allow all those who have any interest in the proposed new business concept to leave their comments and questions.

The blog and the business concept are primarily for those people and businesses in Alberta, Canada who are thinking about getting into local sustainable meat (and possibly food) businesses and to attract their interest and consequently involvement in building and operating the chain. However, this concept also presents a good opportunity to all who are generally interested in local sustainable food systems since it bears potential of significantly affecting development of such systems. Most of the ideas that explore food sustainability consider different parts of the food system, often operating in isolation. This business model extends across the whole food supply chain and it has potential for limitless growth through horizontal duplication of the model.